Note 6.74                       Topic a la Tech
CCNFLD::MBORLAND                                    32 lines   31-AUG-1998 10:28
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    Just by removing my mail directory and putting the mail.mai in the root
    of my directory, I have the following:
    $ sho quo
      User [ALUMNUS,MBORLAND] has 257 blocks used, 1243 available,
      of 1500 authorized and permitted overdraft of 100 blocks on ALM
    This is made up by the essential files (I can remove little more). 
    Imagine this the customs list on some weary Internet exile's visa:
    $ dir/size=all
    Directory ALM:[MBORLAND]
    KILLME.COM;1               1/25
    LOGIN.COM;25               3/25
    MAIL.MAI;1                30/75
    MON.COM;2                  1/25
    PLAN.TXT;20                1/25
    Total of 6 files, 66/225 blocks.

    KILLME.COM, my cyanide pill, an interface for killing a lingering 
    process of mine, a clumsy but effective implementation.
    LOGIN.COM, where it all starts, with the telling code which sets my 
    process ID to "Back to Bitmap!"
    MAIL.MAI, my mail, which is now forwarded.  Do I need it?
    MON.COM, my spy informing me of your presence.
    NOTES$NOTEBOOK.NOTE, without which I'd be lost in Stonehenge.
    PLAN.TXT, the cryptic code of a distant dream.